Neurofeedback of Austin

About Us

Headway Health is built on the concept and practice of health freedom. Having health freedom means having the ability to positively adapt to the unique set of challenges that present themselves in our unique lives. Health freedom is about having clarity when facing obstacles. The health of our brain and our nervous system are exceptionally important but most people do not know how to maintain or improve this vital aspect of health. Yet this organ and tissue structure remain two of the most important areas to focus on when seeking a strong and resilient mind and emotional state. Focusing on brain health and subconscious brain function in particular brings a wide variety of rewards and this is why we chose to provide this advanced brain technology to our clients.

The health care system is out of control and oftentimes does more harm than good. We want to help you to navigate and understand the miraculous power that you hold and give you the support to achieve your goals. It is our mission to empower our clients and our greater community so that more people are able to grasp and use the effective concepts, strategies, and tools that create a strong brain, a flexible nervous system, and a clear mental state that is focused and capable of making this world a better place. We want to support you in your good times and help you out of your rough times.

Michael Meuth L.Ac., ACN specializes is in a variety of health technologies such as Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Acupuncture, and Neurofeedback, and combines these disciplines to create custom wellness plans. His passion is helping people remedy the root causes of acute and chronic health challenges, to give people alternative-holistic models to allopathic medicine, and to help people overcome times of mental stress and emotional hardship. Vibrant health and mental clarity are overarching themes at Headway Health. Michael invites you to come in for a comprehensive approach to health with all the modalities mentioned or to just use one modality at a time.

Michael, received a master’s degree from the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin (AOMA) in 2006, is a board certified acupuncturist and herbalist. He was certified as an Applied Clinical Nutritionist (ACN) in 2009. He has two offices, one in Austin and one in Buda, Texas where he routinely addresses digestive disorders, mental-emotional health issues, immune problems and hormonal imbalances in both men and women. Michael is a dedicated, lifelong learner and researcher. He is fascinated with food science, herbology, personal development psychology, Chinese medicine and functional medicine. He loves studying, living and teaching optimal living strategies.

Nicole is a pre-med graduate student with a B.S. in biology and a minor in chemistry from St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX. As a former St. Edward’s Women’s Soccer player and NCAA Division II athlete she also understands the fundamentals and the power and value of optimal nutrition and mental focus for peak performance.

Nicole just had her three year anniversary at Headway Health! Her warmth helps create a space where people are comfortable and relaxed during their sessions and she loves assisting our clients in their journey toward greater wellness. Her kind nature and great desire to help others makes Nicole a great fit for Headway.